Complete 2023 Event Video

13th December 2023 Programme

09:00 Registration
Introduction by Chairmen: Professor Catherine Nelson-Piercy / Sharon Elder
09:30 Breathlessness Professor Cathy Nelson-Piercy
09:55 Palpitations Dr Siara Teelucksingh
10:20 Chest pain Luci Buxton
10.55 Q & A
11:15 Coffee
Chairmen: Professor David Williams / Luci Buxton
11:45 Interpretation of blood results Professor David Williams
12:05 Vomiting (to include DKA) Dr Melanie Nana
12:25 Abdominal pain Clare Boag
12.45 Q & A
13:00 Lunch
Chairman: Dr Fran Neuberger / Luci Buxton
13:50 Collapse Catherine Barlow
14:10 Seizures Jennifer Nightingale
14:30 Headache Sharon Elder
14.50 Q & A
15.05 Tea
Chairman: Professor Catherine Williamson / Clare Boag
15:35 Itching and rashes Professor Cath Williamson
16:00 Career pathways in maternal medicine for midwives Elizabeth Bennett Hayes
16.20 Case presentations in maternal medicine Dr Fran Neuberger, Dr Clare Mumby, Dr Emma Walkinshaw
17:20 Closing remarks and end of meeting